The Church of St John The Baptist, Seven Oaks

The Sanctuary

Mention of the Reredos above the High Altar is made elsewhere.  During Passiontide (the fortnight from Passion Sunday to Easter) the left and right panels are closed (and the Crucifixes covered with purple veils).  The opening of this Reredos (or Triptych) and thus focusing on the Resurrection forms part of the ceremonies at the Easter Vigil Mass.

The High Altar is the principal item of furniture on the church.  Normally, frontals hang showing the colour of the season or festival being celebrated.  It is one of the very few items left from the original building and is carved in oak with three-panels from painted-in panels and inset in the top with five crosses in cedar wood from the Holy Land.  Even with the mighty reredos above, the final design of this church focuses on this altar.

To the north and south of the altar on the east wall is coloured and gilded oak panelling.  The panelling of oak surrounding the credence and sedilia is in memory of Canon Tower.


Above your head three brass sanctuary lamps are suspended from the roof.  Initially, there were seven lamps.  During the second world war three were given to St John the Divine, Kennington and one to St John the Evangelist, Clapham when these churches were restored following bomb damage.

Sanctuary lamp

Raised above the High Altar are six brass candlesticks and matching standing crucifix.

The Sanctuary
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