The Church of St John The Baptist, Seven Oaks

The Reredos

The most striking feature of St Peterís is the great Reredos over the High Altar.  A war memorial to the 1914-1918 war, it was completed by Easter 1919 and, like all later additions to the church, it is by CE Kempe.  The central panel represents the Risen Lord.  Two Roman soldiers sleep beneath.  On the right side stand the four Greek Doctors of the Church.  On the left side stand St Peter and the other Mary, with the four Latin Doctors.  The memorial plaque for the Reredos has been carved into the Baptistry.

The Reredos

 Key to the Reredos

Left Panel

Centre Panel

Right Panel

St Augustine

St Ambrose

St Peter

The Resurrection

St John

St John Crysostom

St Basil

St Gregory

St Jerome

The Other Mary

surrounded by angels and sleeping soldiers

St Mary Magdalene

St Gregory Nazianzen

St Athanasius



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